Thursday, January 15, 2015


LEP = Lääneranniku Eesti Päevadele (West Coast Estonian Days)

LEP occurs every two years by EOLL=Eesti Organisatsioonide Liit Läänerannikul (Estonian Organization Union West Coast) cycling through the cities of Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

ESTO is not an acronym but a nickname for the global Estonian festivals that occur about every four years.

In 2013 the two festivals combined in San Francisco. I was asked to sing the American national anthem at the opening of the song festival (laulupidu.)

Jaan Ots conducting the opening song. Photo by Kai Kiilaspea.

Jaan Ots cuing the singers and the Estonian Youth Wind Ensemble. Photo by Kai Kiilaspea

Me singing the United States National Anthem. Photo by Kai Kiilaspea.

My son, Benjamin, on the left by the wall, the lowest guy on the steps, enjoyed singing with the choirs. Photo by Kai Kiilaspea.

Me and Mati Otsmaa who accompanied me fabulously. Photo by Aare Onton.

Me and Lonni Cline, director of Clackamas Community College choirs from Oregon. He has taken his choirs to the Song Festival in Estonia a number of times. Photo by Aare Onton.

The ambassador, Her Excellency Marina Kaljurand, Jaan Ots, and me. What a blessed day! Photo by Aare Onton.


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