Monday, December 15, 2014

Settings for the Naomi Series

Deciding on the locations of a novel has been one of the funner parts of writing. Images on Google maps make the process more detailed, too.

Where do the Zemers live?

Turtle Bay, Manhattan, a neighborhood on the east side of Midtown Manhattan. It sports the United Nations headquarters and the Chrysler building. I've placed the Zemer town house on the lower 50s streets and in the block between Third and First Avenue.

New York Photo Sphere on Google.
I can imagine Naomi trouncing down the sidewalks from the subway station, singing her songs and dreaming about Tauno.

Where do Tauno and Asta live?

Bethesda, Maryland, close to Potomac where the Taylors live and across the river from the CIA Langley headquarters. Miracles happen in Bethesda. ;-)

This isn't quite how I envisioned Asta's house, but it hints at the picture. Asta's neighborhood has more distance between yards. I visited Maryland and drove around Bethesda and was dismayed at the lack of front porches. When I saw one, I hooted a hurray. Yes! Asta can have a front porch. Only a few houses don't have a second floor. I emailed a house inspector to make sure there were some houses built without a basement. All these details are important to activities that happen in the house. Phew. What I didn't realize until I toured Maryland, is that brick is prevalent. I can live with changing Asta's sideboards to brick. But painted or natural? I'll have to think on that. :)

Bethesda Photo Sphere from Google
If I put up the location for book 2, it'll spoil the plot of book 1, so ...
stay tuned.

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